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A8 Star Model-Eastwood Rig

This stunning Clint Eastwood rig is featured in roughout finish just like the original, the only difference is that this holster is for a 7 1/2" single action, as opposed to a 5  1/2", otherwise,  it's an exact replica of the Eastwood rig. 

A8 Star Model-Smooth Finish

Clint Eastwood made this rig famous in western movie classics like Hang'em High and For A Few Dollars More. Designed for ease of draw with a neat look and appearance. Worn over the belt for high draw in a 15/20 forward cant. 
Notice the signature western fancy stitch around gun belt. Holster and shank are steel lined for quick draw. Available in the classic Eastwood rough out cut, plain dark reddish, light tan, dark tan, and black. As with all our gun belts and holsters, it's available for Colt, Colt replicas, Ruger Vaqueros in 45, 44-40, 357 S/AA, in 5 1/2" and 7 1/2" barrels.

A11 Old West Gun belt-Duke Rig 

As with many of the Alfonso Hollywood western collection, John Wayne made this rig famous in western classics Rio Hondo and El Dorado. Notice gun belt featured here is notched so that holster is on a fixed position. It's also available with a straight gun belt so that you can slide holster to the desired position. Holster can be steel lined around cylinder (Optional). Cross-draw holsters are also available to match for 45, 44-40, 357 S/AA, with or without steel in 5 1/2" and 7 1/2" barrels. Your choice of light tan, dark tan, rust, black, cordovan, or antique.

A11  Old West Gunbelt-Duke Rig 

This awesome Duke rig on a roughout finish with a cross draw holster is a favorite with cowboy shooters.  Notice that gunbelt is straight so that holsters can slide to desired position.  Nickel or sterling silver conchos, and buckles can be ordered to ornate your Duke rig.


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